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Editing is far more than spelling and grammar. To me, it’s an art form and an alchemical process that helps authors manifest their brilliance into tangible, page-turning forms. No matter how good a writer you are, editing is a necessary part of the writing process that will elevate your work.

Are you an inspired writer getting ready to publish? A holistic or spiritual practitioner seeking to tone your brand and reach more people? Your Magic Words is centered around all things mindful, magical, and metaphysical. For more than 30 years, I have been immersed in the world of spirituality, mysticism, and holistic healing practices. As your editor, I will help you fine-tune your manuscript while preserving your voice. Together, we will share your vision with the world. 

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About Me
Kali Adriantje
Kali Adriantje

I’m Kali Adriantje — lover of all things metaphysical, spiritual, and paranormal — and editor at Your Magic Words! I am a certified copyeditor offering professional proofreading and editing services. With my background as a certified reflexologist (2010), foot reader (2018), Reiki practitioner (2010), past life regression hypnotist (2015), and intuitive tarot reader (1994), my expertise is well-tailored for those writing within the holistic, spiritual, and self-help fields.

As a lifelong seeker, I’ve studied innumerable holistic and spiritual pathways, including mediumship, remote viewing, psychometry, intuition, Eastern mindfulness and meditation, aromatherapy, herbalism, shadow work, animism, shamanism, Magick, the paranormal, and much more.

From 2016 to 2021, I co-owned and operated a holistic healing practice in Southwest Michigan. During that time, I founded a group called Flourish, designed to assist creative people feeling stuck to remove their perceived blockages. As a practitioner, I focus on helping clients facilitate deeper, more profound healing through a strengthened connection to themselves. Similarly, my focus as an editor is to create heart-centered connections between authors and their readers. Allow me to accompany you on your writing journey!

My Work
My Work

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Kelly S., Ohio

"Kali provided outstanding feedback on my short story, offering keen insights while keeping the heart of my intent fully intact. She gently focused on the problem areas, which I greatly appreciate. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking expert guidance and feedback!"

Do you have a manuscript ready for editing? Or a holistic or spiritual brand to build? Let's talk about your project!

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